Avio: 4 Billion Euro Agreement for New Pratt & Whitney Engine

RIVALTA DI TORINO, Italy — Avio has signed a Long Term Supply Agreement with Pratt & Whitney for the Pure Power PW1500G, a green engine that consumes less fuel with low-noise and emissions impact, destined for the new Bombardier CSeries aircraft (110-130 seats). The contract is worth over 4 billion euros for Avio over the next 20-25 years.

The PW1500G is the first engine in the PurePower family with a revolutionary Geared Turbofan™ architecture. The Fan Drive Gear System produced by both Avio and Pratt & Whitney, allows the large fan and low-pressure turbine to run at different speeds, reducing the number of rotating stages and airfoils compared to direct drive engines. This PW1500G architecture makes it possible to obtain greater levels of efficiency and double-digit improvements in fuel efficiency, with a distinct reduction in emissions (-50% NOx, -16% CO²) and in operational noise (more than 50% less).

Besides the Fan Drive Gear System, Avio will produce the accessory drive gearbox and the Mid-Turbine Frame, one of the main static structures of the engine. Avio also has rights to participate in the engine’s maintenance and repair operations (MRO) network.

For Avio, entering this programme represents the crowning achievement of years of study and investment with Pratt & Whitney, and in the European area, which has brought about, among other objectives, the accomplishment in the past years of the Fan Drive Gear System used for the Geared Turbofan demonstrator engine, which subsequently led to the launch of the PW1500G engine. This path will continue with Fan Drive Gear Systems of very high power for next-generation engines.

The new Bombardier CSeries aircraft, powered by the PW1500G engine, will enter into service in 2013. The CSeries aircraft programme has already acquired orders for 90 aircraft, with 90 options, from three customers, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Lease Corporation International Group and Republic Airways Holdings. In the next 20-25 years, Avio foresees the sale of over 3,000 engines, including spare engines to power over 1,400 aircraft.

The first prototypes, produced in Avio’s industrial plants of Rivalta di Torino (Turin) and Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples), will be delivered in November 2011.

Avio is an international aerospace group, headquartered in Turin, Italy. Founded in 1908, it is present on 4 continents with commercial offices and 9 industrial production plants. It has 5,200 employees, of which about 4,500 work in Italy. Company revenues in 2009 were € 1.7 billion. The Group operates in 5 main business areas: i) Aeronautical, ii) Space, iii) MRO and Services, iv) Aeroderivative Gas Turbines for Marine and Industrial use, v) Control & Automation Systems and Electrical Systems. It is active in the field of technological R&D through a collaboration network with 24 Italian and international universities and research centres.


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