Embraer Sells Four New Embraer 190 Jets to Trip Linhas Aereas

SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, Brazil — Embraer has signed a new contract with TRIP Linhas Aéreas for the sale of four EMBRAER 190 jets. With this order, the total E-Jets ordered by TRIP comes to 24, taking into consideration aircraft acquired directly from Embraer or through leasing companies. This year, alone, TRIP will receive nine EMBRAER 190 aircraft, thus doubling its fleet of E-Jets.

The value of this new deal, at list price, is US$ 172 million, based on January 2011 economic conditions. One of these four aircraft was already included in Embraer’s firm orders for the fourth quarter of 2010, as an undisclosed customer.

“Embraer is proud to support and take part in TRIP’s impressive growth, which has shown great solidity and admirable business planning,” said Paulo César de Souza e Silva, Embraer Executive Vice President, Airline Market. “TRIP’s strategy is based on the complementary nature of the EMBRAER 175 and EMBRAER 190 models, which shows the versatility, economics and performance of the E-Jets family.”

TRIP’s EMBRAER 190 jets will be configured in a single 110-seat class. With these aircraft, the airline plans to expand even more the number of destinations it serves in Brazil, while taking advantage of the good moment in the Brazilian market, which should double in size over the next five years. TRIP currently operates nine EMBRAER 175 jets, configured in a single 86-seat class.

“We consider the E-Jets by EMBRAER to be ideal for supporting our continuous and sustainable growth. TRIP already owns the largest regional fleet in South America, and the acquisition of these nine aircraft will make it possible to boost the connections between our regional hubs, as well as the expansion of routes between cities with a medium traffic density,” added José Mário Caprioli, President of TRIP.

TRIP is the largest regional airline in South America. After 12 years of activity, it serves 82 cities with a fleet of 42 aircraft. The company is controlled by the Caprioli and Águia Branca groups, both of which are traditional passenger carriers, have histories of solid results, and sustained growth.


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