Sale of surplus materiel nets UK GBP800 million

The UK has received GBP804.2 million from the re-sale of defence vessels, aircraft and weapon systems since 1997, it has emerged from a parliamentary statement. In a number of cases equipment was sold off ahead of the end of its anticipated service life as a result of cost cutting measures.

Over the 14-year period, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and defence industry in the UK (through upgrade and reactivation contracts) received GBP705.3 million from re-sold and refurbished military vessels; GBP98 million from aircraft; and GBP0.68 million from weapon systems. Figures relating to land systems were not disclosed.

The MoD re-sells serviceable equipment to generate extra revenue and improve international relationships, while the UK defence sector often benefits from contracts received for reactivation and upgrade. In several cases equipment was sold on before the end of its predicted service life because it was deemed surplus to needs after force restructuring.

Source: Jane’s


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