Briefing: Eurocopter plots expansion in Indonesia

11 March 2011

By Jon Grevatt

Eurocopter Indonesia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurocopter, is looking to expand its industrial partnership with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) to enable the state-owned aerospace manufacturer to undertake substantial production of the EC-275 tactical transport helicopter and its civilian variant, the EC-225.

Jean-Luc Alfonsi, the president of Eurocopter Indonesia, told Jane’s on 10 March that PTDI is currently manufacturing tailbooms for the helicopters under an industrial partnership agreement signed when Eurocopter Indonesia become established in the country in 2008. This partnership is expected to develop further during the next few years in a move that will see PTDI producing the complete fuselage for both platforms.

« There is a possibility to expand on our partnership, » Alfonsi said. « In the future, we expect to be able to have the production of the complete fuselage [of the EC-275 and the EC-225] to be carried out by PTDI. This arrangement would be part of our existing industrial agreement [with PTDI] whereby manufactured parts would be integrated into our global supply chain. »

State-run media in Indonesia had earlier reported that the Indonesian Air Force [Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara, TNI-AU] was exploring the possibility of procuring the EC-725 to meet some of its wide-ranging rotor-craft requirements. Alfonsi confirmed this possibility, although he disclosed no details. He added: « For the time being, our relationship [with Indonesia] is based on our industrial partnership with PTDI. »

The agreement signed in 2008 over the production of EC-275/EC-225 tailbooms is one of many that Eurocopter has signed with PTDI during the past 30 years. Others have facilitated the licensed production of the Puma SA 330, the AS332 Super Puma and the BO 105 utility helicopter for Indonesian armed forces.

Source: Jane’s


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