Gilat Announces New Military Modem for Robust Tactical Satcom-on-the-Move

Mar 14, 2011

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: GILT), a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, today announced the introduction of the MLT-1000 military satellite modem.

Gilat’s military modem will be showcased for the first time at Satellite 2011 opening today in Washington D.C.

MLT-1000 will provide a rugged, high-speed satellite communications terminal solution for satcom-on-the-move (SOTM), communications-on-the-pause (COTP), man-packs and stationary military operations, and is designed to operate in point-to-point (SCPC) and point-to-multi-point (MCPC) type of network topologies.

The hardened military modem is built to address the stringent requirements of militaries and homeland security organizations for faultless mission flexibility.

Product highlights:

Fast-to-deploy and easy-to-operate, MLT-1000 will support war-fighters with secure, highly-reliable broadband satellite communications for C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) applications, supporting C, X, Ku, and Ka bands.

The modem implements Gilat’s new patent-pending ASCM (Adaptive, Spreading, Coding and Modulation), a frame-by-frame adaptive waveform that was specifically designed for on-the-move operations. ASCM allows for dynamic spreading factor, thus maximizing link availability, optimizing bandwidth usage and enabling high throughput in the most challenging field and weather conditions.

MLT-1000 enables working with small antennas by supporting very low SNR (signal to noise ratio) of minus 13. With embedded QoS and transparent acceleration technologies, MLT-1000 provides a single integrated platform for data, voice, and video applications over multiple network topologies.

Utilizing an integrated controller, the MLT-1000 is designed to support Gilat’s industry leading low-profile, on-the-move antennas.

Executive Perspective:

« Modern net-centric warfare has brought the need of broadband communication to centre stage of military tactics, becoming a catalyst for the deployment of satellite communications in the front line. Military and defense agencies increasingly require high-performance satellite communication gear that enables fast, reliable, mission-critical communications. With MLT-1000, Gilat is able to deliver an advanced satellite communications modem that war-fighters can depend on for all of their communication needs. MLT-1000 is another step towards our objective to become a leading provider of satellite networking technology for the defense and homeland security markets. »


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