DRS will provide cargo handling and aerial delivery systems for the new military aircraft


São José dos Campos, March 22, 2011 – Embraer Defense and Security signed a contract with DRS Defense Solutions for designing, developing, testing, and producing the KC-390 Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery System (CHS/ADS), as well as providing its after-market support. The work will be performed by DRS Training & Control Systems in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in the U.S.

“Embraer is proud to announce DRS Defense Solutions as the first supplier for the KC-390,” said Luiz Carlos Aguiar, President, Embraer Defense and Security. “After a rigorous evaluation process, we are sure that DRS offers the best solution for the KC-390 airlifter.”

The CHS/ADS system will be an integral part of the KC-390 aircraft for moving and transporting palletized cargo and rolling stock, enable aerial delivery missions, using parachute extraction or gravity modes. The system will consist of electromechanical locks, electronic master control, involving software certification RTCA DO-178 level-A, retractable guide rails, flip-over rollers, tie down rings and structural floor panels with high load capacity.

“We are very pleased to win a position within the KC-390 program and enter a strategic partnership with Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force for this new aircraft,” said Richard Danforth, President and CEO of DRS Defense Solutions.

Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, and Portugal have already begun discussions to establish the conditions for their participation in the development and production of the new military transport jet. In July of 2010, the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira – FAB) revealed its intention to acquire 28 of the jets. The six countries could result in the aggregate sale of 60 KC-390 airplanes.

About DRS Defense Solutions

DRS Defense Solutions is a best-in-class developer of advanced electronic systems and other military technologies to support the warfighter. Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, in the U.S., the company is composed of seven lines of business with annual revenues of $1.4 billion. More than 3,700 employees around the globe include a number of committed DRS Defense Solutions staff working side-by-side in theater with American and Allied soldiers. The company provides products, services and systems integration in the areas of intelligence and sensor technologies, security, cyber, sonar, communications, electronic warfare, training systems, satellite communications, avionics, control systems and unmanned technologies. Customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, intelligence agencies, Allied ministries of defense and various prime contractors.


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