US still SA’s top defence export destination

Written by Leon Engelbrecht

Tuesday, 12 April 2011 14:31

The United States for a third year running tops South Africa’s list of defence exports clients. The US in 2010 purchased equipment worth R3.674 billion, up from R2.909 billion in 2009 and R2.6 billion in 2008.

Sweden followed in second place with buys worth R647.3 million and the United Arab Emirates was third at R577.6 million, according to figures released last week by the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC).

SA exported defence equipment worth R8.329 billion to 89 countries in 2010, the NCACC’s annual report to Parliament shows. This was up from R7.812 billion in 2009 and R5.898 billion in 2008.

Fourth in 2010 was Yemen with acquisitions worth R373.8 million and the United Kingdom followed fifth with purchases worth R298.1 million. Last year’s “top five” were the US, Spain (R664.9 million), India (R465.9 million) the United Arab Emirates (R447 million) and the United Kingdom and Algeria jointly at R382 million each.

The “top 15” further includes:

  • Finland R211.0 million
  • Ireland R194.4 million
  • Algeria R158.3 million
  • India R149.2 million
  • Spain R136.6 million
  • Germany R130.6 million
  • Azerbaijan R119.1 million
  • Republic of Congo R112.8 million
  • Canada R109.3 million
  • Egypt R96.9 million

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