Embraer Defense and Security Decides on Avionics of KC-390 Jet

SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS, Brazil — Embraer Defense and Security has selected the Pro Line Fusion avionics system, manufactured by Rockwell Collins, to equip the KC-390 military transport aircraft.

“Embraer has chosen the best solution in latest-generation avionics available on the market, which will provide greater operational efficiency for the KC-390. The already solid commercial and technical relationship between Embraer and Rockwell Collins will be further strengthened by this new partnership in the defense and security area,” said Eduardo Bonini Santos Pinto, COO, Embraer Defense and Security.

“Embraer’s selection of our integrated avionics system will provide pilots with the most advanced commercial avionics capability, ruggedized to meet military mission requirements,” said Dave Nieuwsma, Vice President and General Manager of Mobility and Rotary Wing Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “Pilots will benefit from the enhanced situational awareness and reduced workload to achieve mission success.”

The Pro Line Fusion by Rockwell Collins brings to the KC-390 the most modern avionics available, meets current and future needs of the aircraft and complies with the most recent Communication, Navigation and Surveillance for Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) requirements, with an advanced man-machine interface, automatic reconfiguration capability in case of damage, and high-capacity data exchange bus.

The beginning of flight tests of the KC-390 with the new avionics is expected for 2014 and the aircraft should go into service at the end of 2015.

Rockwell Collins is a pioneer in developing and putting into service innovative solutions for communications and embedded electronics for application in the commercial and government markets. Rockwell Collins’ expertise in avionics and cabin electronics, mission communications, information management, simulation and training is accomplished by 20,000 employees and a services and support network in 27 countries.


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