Grand Opening of Swedish-Brazilian Centre of Research and Innovation

18 May 2011, in News

Today, 18 May 2011 in São Bernardo de Campo, Brazil, the Swedish – Brazilian centre of research and innovation was officially inaugurated. The official name of the Centre is Centro de Inovação e Pesquisa Sueco-Brasileiro (CISB).

Saab took the initiative to start up the process of a Research and Development centre in Brazil in September 2010, when Håkan Buskhe, Saab’s President and CEO, visited Brazil. The concept of the centre is to gather main stakeholders from the public, academia and industry to tackle key societal challenges with technology. So far the centre has attracted over 40 partners. The partners and organizations involved will be members of the CISB association and sit on the board and its thematic committies to decide on activity focus and projects. They will also be active partners in the specific projects.

The areas of focus for the R&D centre will be in Transport and Logistics, Defence and Security, and Urban development with a focus on energy and the environment. The centre will create small teams of project experts that help the stakeholders to create projects in which the centre will address different R&D challenges.

The inauguration was attended by a large number of dignitaries including Director General Vinnova (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) Charlotte Brogren, the President from ABDI Mauro Borges Lemos, the Mayor of Linköping City Ann-Cathrine Hjerdt, the Mayor of Sao Bernado de Campo Luis Marinho and Executive Director of the Research and development centre, CISB, Bruno Rondani.

“Saab guaranteed the start up of the centre and our intent is to invest in a number of projects with Brazilian acedemia and industry. I believe the centre will generate innovations with corresponding business both in Brazil, Sweden and internationally. A few examples of projects that we intend to do in the centre are a coastal survillance radar based on state of the art phased array technology in collaboration with the Brazilian company Atmos and a datalink development project with ION,” says Håkan Buskhe, Saab’s President and CEO.

Saab sees many opportunities in Brazil, not least in the aeronautics sector but also in  civil security, particularly as Brazil is hosting both the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games within the next few years.

Saab is committed to sharing technology at the highest level with Brazil, to invest in real and lasting partnerships that will provide a technological leap in Brazilian defence and security capabilities.


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