Alenia Aermacchi: Finalised Contracts with ST Aerospace Worth About EUR 170 Million for the Logistic Support of the Fleet of 12 M-346s for the Republic of Singapore Air Force

Alenia Aermacchi,  a company of Finmeccanica’s Aeronautics Sector led by Alenia Aeronautica – has finalised with ST Aerospace the logistics support contracts for the 12 M-346 trainers sold at the end of September 2010 in the context of the Fighter Wings Course programme of the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

The two contracts are expected to generate total sales in the range of EUR 170 million.

The first contract (Supply Chain Management) envisages the joint management of the M-346 suppliers by Alenia Aermacchi and ST Aerospace (after-sales support, including spare parts provisioning, repair and overhaul services) with sharing of risks, sales and profits between the two Companies.

The other contract (Operations & Support) concerns instead the supply by Alenia Aermacchi of engineering support, programme/contract management and field support services.

Alenia Aeronautica’s CEO and Responsible for Finmeccanica’s Aeronautics Sector has commented: « The two contracts on the logistics support of the 12 M-346 for Singapore confirm the success of the high-technology Italian industry and the primacy at international level of this aircraft and of its integrated training system. Once again we are particularly proud for the positive relationship with both the Republic of Singapore Air Force, known to be one of the most sophisticated Air Forces in the world, and our industrial counterpart, ST Aerospace. »

The M-346 is the most Advanced/Lead-In Fighter Trainer currently produced and the only new generation trainer optimised for the role. Its excellent performance and flying qualities, close to modern frontline fighters, brings the M-346 to a superior teaching effectiveness level. The advanced design solutions provide also high safety standards and reduced acquisition and operational costs. The aircraft is tailored to train pilots to fly new-generation combat aircraft and is well suited for every phase of advanced and pre-operational training, to reduce the flight hours on the more expensive frontline aircraft.

The aircraft embodies the latest « design-to-cost » and « design-to-maintain » concepts, with avionics modelled upon those of new-generation military aircraft such as Eurofighter, Gripen, Rafale, F-16, F-18, F-22 and the future JSF. Its flexible platform is configured also for the operational roles as a Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).

The M-346 is the ideal platform for the next-generation Integrated Training Systems.

The M-346 programme is attracting increasing interest from potential international customers and partners. Besides the contracts with Italian Air Force and the Republic of Singapore, and the selection by the United Arab Emirates, additional opportunities exist on leading markets and other European and Worldwide Countries.

Source: Alenia Aeronautica


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