What about the UAE’s Mirage 2000-9 for the Philippines Air Force (PAF)?

Saturday 26 May 2012

Indeed, France is very much willing to sell the Rafale aircraft to the United Arab Emirates. One of the issues is to find a solution concerning their 63 Mirage 2000-9 multirole aircraft. Even though the decision to acquire the Rafale is close, remains the destination for these brand new aircrafts at a unit price of $20 millions. After Libya (not a very happy solution for France due to the high standard capability), Brazil (France is reluctant to the idea preferring to sell 36 brand new Rafales), Iraq (with a payment through oil contracts), Philippines might be the latest destination. The aircraft is combat proven with the events in Libya 2011 and the UAE witnessed a higher availability rate for its Mirage 2000-9 than its F-16 E/F Block 60.

Mirage 2000-9 would be very convenient for Philippines as it requires low maintenance compare to similar US jet fighters and a real deterrent capability towards China.

Philippines might be a happy end solution for Dassault in its deal with the UAE.

David Campese


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