Type 26: Next generation warship unveiled by MoD

Contributor:  Andrew Elwell
Posted:  08/28/2012

The Ministry of Defence has released designs for its next generation warship, the Type 26 Global Combat Ship (T26 GCS).

BAE Systems has been working on the plans since 2010 and the MoD confirmed last week that the baseline design of the GCS has now been agreed. The next stage of the process is to agree on “the detailed specifications of the vessel.”

The Type 26 is expected to come into service after 2020 and will be used by the Royal Navy in combat and counter-piracy operations, and to support humanitarian and disaster relief work around the world.

“The Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be the backbone of the Royal Navy for decades to come. It is designed to be adaptable and easily upgraded, reacting to threats as they change,” Peter Luff, the Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, said. “I am delighted the programme has been endorsed by the investment approvals committee. The build of these vessels will secure thousands of skilled jobs across the UK, helping to sustain an industrial surface warship capability.”

At 148 metres long the Type 26 GCS will displace 5,400 tonnes and carry a medium calibre gun. It will have a hangar to accommodate a Merlin or Wildcat helicopter, and a flexible mission space for unmanned air, surface and underwater vehicles, or additional boats.

“The T26 GCS will be a multi-mission warship designed for joint and multinational operations across the full spectrum of warfare, including complex combat operations, maritime security operations such as counter-piracy, as well as humanitarian and disaster relief work around the world,” said First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope. “It will be capable of operating independently for significant periods or as part of a task group and will play a major role in the defence of this country for many years.”

Source: Defence iQ


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